Drop is a digital water meter that encourages the conservation of water by informing people of their usage habits. 


Create a complete and consistent out-of-box experience for a new home monitoring device. 


I conducted both primary and secondary research, made 30 concept sheets, and designed a wireflow & clickable prototype. When it was time to execute my idea, I created a high fidelity app prototype, a physical device, branding, packaging and a video. 

5 Weeks 

Haakon Faste

full video & process below

To fully understand the problem space, I conducted two first person interviews and read extensive secondary research. I understood that:

• People are unaware of some of the most hurtful ways they waste water inside their homes.

• For most households, the monthly bill is the only aspect of water use that is quantifiable.

There is an opportunity to empower people to waste less water by alerting them to wasteful habits inside their homes

Using Cheatstorming, an innovative rapid idea generation technique developed at Carnegie Mellon University, I developed 30 diverse concept sheets around my opportunity statement.  


I created app wire flows, then converted them into a clickable prototype. After user testing, I was able to find clear discrepancies within my onboarding sequence.

I used the insights from user testing to create a final app wireflow. When creating the high fidelity mock ups, I had a full plan that helped everything fall into place.


I wanted the prototype to look and function like a real product. I contracted the help of my friend Tim Barry, who is an Industrial Designer. We worked together closely to push the level of craft to a higher fidelity.


Creating a complete unboxing experience from conception to packaging on very tight time frame taught me to distribute my effort evenly in order to meet deadlines.