Pagoda of Love

The Pagoda of Love is a connected device that displays your partners quality of sleep as a suggestion of their current mood.


Find a couple then develop a connected and screen-less device to improve the quality time they spend together.


My teammate and I set out to design a way to foster healthy communication with a screen-less internet connected device for a couple making a new house a home

5 Weeks 

Researching, Concept
Prototyping, Coding

Nicolas Pajerski

Nathaniel Smith


The Pagoda of Love provides a suggestion of your partner's mood, in order to promote more enriched communication.

We interviewed two people in a relationship separately. They had just moved in together and both expressed issues of communication and empathizing with each other. 

How might we foster routine and healthy communication between a couple in a new home?

We chose to design a passive notification tower that would show the state or mood of a person. This provides valuable insight on how they might be feeling prior to starting a dialog with them.


My partner handled production of the Pagoda, this included modeling, cutting, assembling and painting the structure.

My role was to assemble code and test the electronics. I used Photons to make a bed communicate sleep data to the Pagoda.


This project taught me the power of simplicity in human centered design. Our initial idea was to use countless different data inputs from their lives in order to calculate display the decisive mood. However through prototyping and feedback we gained insights that led to simplifying the data represented. My teammate and myself discovered that a passive notification system was the best option for our couple.